Class Description and Syllabus



English 2: Poetry



Class Description and Syllabus



The purpose of this class is to strengthen your background in the basic elements of literature and your skills in reading and understanding poetry. We will be studying a variety of works and genres of poetry including lyrics, ballads, narratives, an epic, the Odyssey, and the Shakespearean play, Romeo and Juliet. We also spend a good deal of time working on grammar, usage, and sentence structure that should help you compose better essays.



Know going in that you will have a whole lot of work in this class. You will more than likely have homework every day. We have a lot to cover and between reading, grammar, and essays, you will need to stay on top of things. Please be aware of this going in and be prepared to work.



As with all other literature classes you will have in Granite City High School, you will need to keep up with the reading and writing assignments. DO NOT GET BEHIND!!! It is my experience, as is sadly shared by a few students, that if you get behind in the reading, is very difficult to catch up, especially with the longer works.



Lastly, BE WARNED!!! You absolutely MUST complete all essay assignments to pass the class! If you miss even one essay, you will fail regardless of any other circumstances. Even if you have an A+ for the semester, if you miss any essays you will fail.


If you do not do the read and do the work required of you, you will not pass this class.