English 6A: American Lit Moderns



Class Description and Syllabus



Like the previous American Literature class, we will examining the history and literature of our nation, expanding into the modern and contemporary eras. As with last semester, the literature is very closely tied to historic events and we will again be dealing with history, though not to the extent as the previous class.


You will, or already have, heard me say that the events that occur around and to a writer, the history, directly impact the writing. The reverse of this is also true as occasionally, it is a piece of writing that instigates a particular historical event. There is perhaps no clearer, closer, or more relevant illustration of this than the literature of our own country. This being the case, and you most likely being an American, you have an obligation to "know this stuff." As your history teacher says: those who are ignorant of the past are doomed to repeat it. Well, this class makes sure that you know not only the history, but also the influence on those who lived it.


As with your previous literature classes, you will be expected to recall certain aspects of literature and be familiar with the terms and "workings," if you will, of the novel and play. You will also be expected to read a great deal on an almost nightly basis to keep up with the class. This being an advanced class, your reading will be considerable and the work load a bit more than perhaps other reading courses. Be aware, this class will be difficult.


One warning: DO NOT GET BEHIND!!! It is my experience that students who get behind in the reading rarely catch up.



Click here for a downloadable version of the syllabus in Adobe PDF format.